Kudos from Eugene Kagan

Kudos from Eugene Kagan

  • My child has gotten into habit of practicing, this was not an easy process, but it pays across a broad variety of activities, well beyond just music, sports or  academics.
  • My child has developed a very deep understanding of how difficult it is to make something beautiful — the value of that notion cannot be overstated.
  • My child has gotten a taste of what it takes to organize 3 more people, who are as opinionated as she is, to get to a rehearsal for a quartet –that experience alone is priceless.
  • My daughter has learned to understand music, she has been around very talented people — the students, the Canzonetta community and, of course, Helia and Hilel. 
  • Her music success in general and Canzonetta experience in particular, has impacted how she approaches learning and the life itself, it has also made a change in how she is viewed by her teachers at school.
  • Canzonetta trip to France has given her an opportunity to interact professionally with very advanced young musicians.