Personal Growth Through Music


“Canzonetta helped me grow as a violinist and as a person – I learned to appreciate the value of being part of a team alongside my fellow musicians in delivering the best performance we could together. Hilel is ambitious and pushes you to think and play like a professional musician, and Helia encourages you to learn from those around you and enjoy the moment. I learned to bring my head and my heart into each rehearsal, and to appreciate the value of teamwork.”

– Anish Krishnan, Former Canzonetta Student

Great Mentors

“My daughter Grace has excelled as a musician over the 10 years she has been training with Hilel and Helia. They have been like mentors to her, pushing her to higher limits. Canzonetta is a rich and indepth experience for dedicated music students.”

– John Avila

A Thrill

“Canzonetta was a great experience for our son, as he rose from the beginning to the senior group over the six years he was part of it. In Canzonetta he was able to perform a wide variety of wonderful music with other kids his age, both as part of a large group, and in quartets and as a soloist. Read more….

– Ingunn Lonning

Classical Music Appreciation

“Canzonetta has strengthened his skills as a musician, helped him develop an appreciation for classical music, and boosted his confidence in himself.”

-Jason Lavicky

Life Lessons

“For my child, music impacted how she approaches learning and the life itself, it has also made a change in how she is viewed by her teachers at school.” Read more…

–Eugene Kagan

Amazing Experience

“Canzonetta was an amazing experience for our 10-year-old son. Helia and Hilel are amazing teachers and know exactly how to work with this age group.” Read more…

-Max Schanzenbach


“Through Canzonetta, our son, Cary, is learning about the discipline it takes to master the violin and complex music.” Read more…

– Brooke Marler and Mike Nowacki

Thank you

“Jacob rarely goes a day without expressing thankfulness for what Hilel has done for him, and the importance of Canzonetta in shaping him as a musician!!”

– Rhonda Nagler